The international record of immunisation against yellow fever and the cholera is recommended for any visitor coming from the affected zones or which passed in transit at least a day. Precautionary measures against malaria are strictly recommended.

Every visitor has to bring a valid passport and the visa can be obtained on the spot. The types and tariffs of visas appear as follows:

• Transit visa and tourist: valid 45 days: 60 euro.
• Exit visa for the residents: 4000 fc or 8.
• One year renewable visa: 125 000 kmf or 250.
• 10 years residence permit: 250 000 kmf or 500.
• Exit visa valid one year for the residents: 20.000 kmf or 40.
• Service aimed visa: free.
• Visa for minors (under 18 years): free.

• Stores open from 08:30 am till 5:30 pm.
• Public services open from 07:30 am till 2:30 pm, from Monday till Thursday; from 07:30 am till 11:30 am Friday and from 07:30 am till 12:00 am on Saturdays.
• Banks open from 07:15 am till 1:00 pm from Monday till Thursday; from 07:15 am till 11:00 am Friday and are closed on Saturdays.

• January 1st, New Year.
• May 1st, international labour day.
• July 6th, Independence Day
• Anniversary day of the Miraj (ascent)
• Birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.
• 1st day of the Muslim year (1st Muharram).
• Anniversary of the death of Koutb Al Said Mohamed Cheikh Al Maarouf.
• Ide el fitr festival: three days following the 29th of the Ramadan (sacred month of the fast).
• The day and the following day of Ide el Kabir (festival of the sacrifice)

• Credit cards: find out at your bank branch? Traveller’s checks: checks issued in euros are advised.
• The International Bank of Industry and Commerce, and the EXIM Bank are the only banks that exchange traveller’s checks. In order to avoid additional charges, tourists are advised to use checks issued in euros, dollars or pounds sterling.
• The exchange rate is € 1 = 491.96675 kmf

The national language is Comorian (dialect derived from Swahili and Arabic). The official languages are French and Arabic. English is spoken by a minority of individuals.

The city taxis and “bush” taxis are collective. The fare starts at 300 FC, about 0.60.

In accordance with French traffic, the Comoros Union follows right-hand drive. The international permit is required for car and motorcycle renting.

• 220 volts, 50 HZ.
• The water is drinkable, but it is possible to obtain mineral and source water of high quality, produced in Comoros or imported from France and the region.

• By air: Yemeni Airways (three times per week), Kenya Airways (three times per week) and Air Tanzania, offer a regular service on international routes to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Air Austral, Air Madagascar and Comoros international aviation, provide links to the island of Reunion, Madagascar, Mauritius, Tanzania, Mombassa for a continuation towards the international. Comoro Aviation, Comoro Air Service and others small operators provide domestic links.

Les habits transparents et les maillots de bain ne sont pas acceptés en ville ou au village. N’achetez des produits marins tels que les tortues, les coraux, les coquillages (surtout les noirs) qui constituent le domaine des espèces protégés.

Presentation of the Comoros

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The institutions
The institutions

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The economy
The economy

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The media
The média

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